Your Journey: Mint to Farm

On the Webapp, Users can find the appropriate pages on the left-side Navigation Panel

  1. Find the "Liquid Staking" (1) tab on the Navigation Panel on the left hand side

  2. Choose what kind of reward you would like to receive your APR rewards

  3. Input the amount of hINJ you will like to mint (2). Remember, it is a 1-1 ratio

  4. Hit the "Stake & Mint" (3) button to sign off your transaction

  5. Congratulations! You have your first hINJ minted. Now let's move to the 'Farm' tab on the left (4)

  1. From here, you can input your hINJ you wish to farm (5). You can also check how much is available for your farm right on top of the input bar

  2. You can see how much estimated rewards you can have (6)

  3. Check the Terms of Use (7)

  4. Hit the 'Add Farm' button and sign off on the transaction

  1. If you return to the main Farm page, you can see how much rewards are accumulated over the course of the farm (9). Please be reminded that exact calculations are made in 24hr intervals, so this may look different that what you saw on the previous screen

  2. On the screen below, you can see how many and when your rewards become claimable. As mentioned in the "Farm" section of this document, these become claimable in 14 days (10)

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