Mission Statement

The Mission Statement for Hydro Protocol is simple: Optimized yield across Real World and Crypto Assets.

Going beyond the typical LSD protocols across the crypto universe, Hydro Protocol offers more than just the LSD; Hydro allows users to select and engage in low-risk wealth strategies in a diversified LSDFi Ecosystem.


Hydro Protocol is the ultimate infrastructure platform allowing users to customise/select/administer yield and liquidity strategies on the Injective Network. Hydro combines the Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) products and Real World Assets (RWA) to offer a specialized LSDFi product suite. Hydro Protocol is also the first Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD)/LSDFi protocol on Injective, and aims to bring a new level of optimization and utility across the Ecosystem.

On Hydro Protocol, users can maximize their DeFi operations across the Hydro-driven LSDFi infrastructure across the Injective Network. By leveraging Hydro’s LSDs, users can remain staked but also simultaneously becomes liquid to optimize locked tokens in other application purposes such as trading, lending or farming.

More importantly, Hydro Protocol introduces a unique specialized product called Real Yielding Asset (RYA) to bring LSDFi to a new level of yield optimized strategies. The Hydro RYA is a Hydro-original indexed source of different yields across the crypto universe.

Hydro is positioned to achieve tremendous growth in LSDFi. Let’s take a deep dive!

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